Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Colorado X

I have been following the development of the Western Slope Memorial, on line, for quite some time. I was determined to see it when I got to Colorado, so I was very excited as we pulled into the parking lot of the Visitors Center in Fruita (near Grand Junction).

The weather chose not to cooperate just as we arrived. We had very little time to visit and take pictures, but wind, rain and thunder and lightning not withstanding, it was worth it!

What a great place! This is another of those sites that is going to take at least two posts to do justice.

What began as a brothers tribute to his brother has developed into this magnificent tribute to all. It is a treasure and you should see it if you get an opportunity.

Two buddies joined up together. Two buddies gave their all! One was killed (1971) after 100's of flying missions and the other brought him home to Colorado and his family.

His brother thought for years about building a memorial to him and The Western Slope Vietnam Memorial is the culmination of that dream.

The site, however, as I said, is more than that. It honors anyone who served during the Vietnam Era, as it is called, in-country or out-Everyone! Anyone who qualifies can contact the site and arrange for their name, or the name of a loved one to be added to the black granite walls supporting the Huey.

Those who made the final sacrifice are honored under the American flag as shown in the final picture.

The walkways (fourth pic), called the Walk of Honor, are for anyone who would like to support the effort.

I have read that the site offers music and narration to visitors, but it was not working the day I was there.

The friend who brought his buddy home was killed a number of years later (1986) in a flying accident. Ironic!

To learn more, or honor a soldier, or donate to support the site, go here;

To read more about the friend, go here;

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