Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Maine II

Augusta has two veterans cemeteries. One on Civic Center road and another on Mt. Vernon. Like all veteran's cemeteries they honor all who served, but each had monuments and markers that honor those lost in the Vietnam conflict.

The Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery (Civic Center Drive) was the first to open, in 1971. The Mt. Vernon branch open in 2001.

The pictures on this posting are from the Civic Center Road cemetery.

Both sides of the walls of this monument are covered with the names of Maine's citizens who perished in our nations wars. They are not identified as to the war or the year. There are thousands. It is very disquieting to stand amidst the legions of the fallen in this quiet and beautiful site. Nearby there is a carrillion that chimes at various times of the day to remind all within hearing to pause and reflect.

The first picture is just at the entrance to the chapel that is on site and the proclamation hangs on the wall inside.

The Vietnam Veterans bench stands on an open green near the road as you drive through the cemetery.

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