Sunday, August 15, 2010


The original plan was to go from Ohio south through Kentucky and Tennessee. However, Mother nature decided that she wanted to flood those states at this particular time, so we figured it was better to wait. I called several folks in each state to try to get an idea if the sites were accessible, but I couldn't reach anyone. We decided to give the good folks of these two states a little time to recuperate before visiting.

Instead, we turned west and went to several sites in Indiana.

The official state site is in Indianapolis. I had never been to this part of our country before and was delighted with just how beautiful it is.

The site, as seen in the pics, is a tall, half tower. The outside is adorned with excerpts from letters home of some of those who later were lost.

The inside tells the history of our involvement and list the names of Indiana's heroes by year of loss.

Located in the 5 block long Indiana War Memorial Plaza near the intersection of Meridian and North Streets in honors the 1532 Indianans who perished in Vietnam.

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