Monday, May 31, 2010

Pennsylvania V

As stated before, Pennsylvania seems to have no "official" state memorial. That not withstanding, I have been to many beautiful sites within the state, some of which you may have seen here if you are a long time reader. This one, in Pittsburgh, would get my vote as the official site because it lists no names and addresses larger issues such as Welcome Home, POW s, and prayers for all that were lost or missing. Thus, it seems more universal or inclusive than the others, no matter how moving and beautiful, that I have visited.

It sits on a river walk area near the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates stadiums, in fact, you can just see the corner of one of them in the first picture.

The shape is described as taken from an Hibiscus flower pod, which has special symbolism in the Vietnamese culture. It represents "rebirth and regeneration symbolizing the warriors return to peace and the beginning of healing the scars of war."

The statues are of solders being welcomed home by family and loved ones. A theme repeated throughout the site. One by his wife and child and the other by his Mother.

The poem is self explanatory and if you look very carefully at the final picture, you can see two of the wind chimes incorporated into the structure. It is said that each time one of these chimes, it is a prayer for the soul of a lost soldier.

I will include a couple of more photos in the next post, tomorrow.

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