Monday, May 3, 2010

Pennsylvania II

I returned to Pennsylvania and went to York, Pa. because I had heard of the new memorial built there. It turns out that it was dedicated on October 3 of 2009. When I arrived there was a gentleman there and we started talking and he told me that he had just taken over the Memorial Committee Chairmanship two days earlier.

He walked me around the memorial pointing out features that one might not have noticed otherwise. For example; the eagles on top were actually created for a different memorial, but when the originators of that memorial backed out on the artist, the Vietnam committee grabbed them up to add to this site. In addition, he told me that when the wind blows hard enough, it catches the wings of the eagles and actually move them into different positions atop the memorial.

He showed me where one soldier's name had been misspelled on the pylon and rather than try to correct it (impossible) or ignore it, they re-carved the name on the other side of the pylon. I think that is just classy!

He showed me where they had just repaired some vandalism and pointed out the last commemorative bricks that had just been placed the day before. Additionally, he explained that one of the figures in the triad is a woman, a nurse, as depicted by the fact that she is wearing no hip gear, as are the two soldiers.

The third picture here is the reflection of some of the commemorative bricks in the base of the memorial

I particularly liked the stones at each entrance admonishing all who enter; "This is hallowed ground, tread respectfully"

This is a beautiful site that is located at the York Fair Grounds and is well marked through the city, so it is not difficult to find. The gentleman, also, told me that they are in the process of making the site more accessible to those with health issues of one kind or another.

Good job, York!

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  1. That was a nice site. I enjoyed that visit. I'd love to go back on a windy day and watch the eagles move! I especially liked the stones saying to tread respectfully.