Tuesday, July 9, 2019

WJFF 90.5fm

Recently I was in New York state photographing a few more memorials. While there I made a call to the local VVA and asked if they could point me towards memorials I might not know about. After a nice conversation with the VVA guy, he asked if I would speak to Doug Sandberg who broadcasts a show on the local Public Radio Station WJFF FM. I said sure and he said he would forward me contact information.

Shortly after, I received a call from Doug who wanted to know if I would be willing to be interviewed for his program,  Let's Talk Vets.

We arranged to set up a time and then did the interview.

So, tomorrow the 10th you will be able to hear some of the back story and history of A Means to Heal and a bit about my own times in 'Nam.

If you are in the New York, Catskills, area tune in to WJFF FM tomorrow, the 10th, at 7pm. If you are not in the immediate listening area, stream it at www.wjffradio.org. I do not know if it will be available after this date and time, so, if at all interested, check it out.

WJFF is Public Radio and is associated with American Public Radio, NPR, Public Radio International, and others.

Let me know what you think. I honestly don't know if I will tune in because like so many I just hate the sound of my own voice when I hear it recorded. On the other hand, I would like to see what makes the show. We talked for quite a while and I will be curious to see how it was edited.

Next time, on the 14th, we will get back to Virginia as previously promised.

To see memorials from any state, please click on the state name on the left side of this page.

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