Saturday, September 3, 2016

Maryland XII

Route 68 to Cumberland was once called the National Road, the "road that built a nation."

Later, it was dedicated to those who fought in or were lost in the Vietnam War. I have seen many roads across the Nation dedicated to 'Nam vets as well as others. This is the first time, however,  I have found an actual marker, or memorial, usually there is just a roadside sign.

This particular spot is called Sideling Hill and there is a rest stop located here.

The memorial would be easy to miss, but once you find it, and it's remarkable view, you won't forget it.

There are markers telling the story of the road and the difficulties of getting it built, or "taming" it as it is reported.

The site was  dedicated by Vietnam Veterans of America, Post 172, from Cumberland, Maryland.

Our next stop will be in Massachusetts, so meet me there at 9:00am on the 8th.

To see additional memorials from Maryland, or any other state, click the state name on the left side of this page.

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