Saturday, December 19, 2015

WWI, Maryhill, Wa.

Those of you who are familiar with my travels and efforts know that at the holiday season I choose not to write about Vietnam. Often, I'll write about something completely different, one year I recall, it was old restored cars.

Well, this year It gives me the opportunity to write about something I never expected to see and didn't even know existed until very recently.


Yep, right here is the U.S.A., in fact, in Maryhill, Washington.

Out in the middle of nowhere, along the Columbia River is this exact, full sized replica of the great, prehistoric site on the Salisbury Plain.

It, too, is a memorial, but this time to those who were lost in WWI, the war to end all wars and since there was a sacrifice alter in the original, the builder wanted it dedicated, too, to those still being lost, as the war was not yet over when this memorial was dedicated.

This is just a little different from its English fore-bearer in that it is complete, as it was first built all those millennium ago. I admit it was a little disconcerting to find it perfect in every way.

I have heard it said the these are calendars, time keepers, of a sort and I thought that this was probably so as I watched the sun setting between various stones. At any rate, it was beautiful.

These plaques were attached to many of the stones within the circle honoring many whom were lost.

To learn more about this most unusual site, go here:

Just a few yards away, across the parking area, I saw this old building that reminded me of an old west kind of scene, but then I saw the windmills behind it and couldn't resist capturing the juxtaposition of the old and the new just as the sun was making its final departure for the day.

I truly hope that you and yours have a festive and happy observance and celebration for whatever you do at this time of  the Winter Solstice. There are something like 29 observations of this time of year throughout the world and its many belief systems and I hope that all are happy ones.

So, next time on the 24th, if you get a minute, check out some pics from an ancient civilization, The Anasazi, or The Ancient Ones.

I will resume regular postings about Vietnam memorials after the holidays.

To see other memorial sites from Washington, or any other state, click on the state name on the left side of this page.

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