Saturday, May 30, 2015

Arlington National Cemetery

I know that I promised to post from Nebraska this time, but I had the opportunity to visit Arlington National Cemetery this week and thought that I would  extend the Memorial Day posting. I will get back on track with Nebraska, next time.

While wandering through Arlington, I came across these next two scenes and, simply, liked them. The peace and beauty of this place can be beyond description.

This is the Air force Memorial. It is a depiction of the Missing Man Formation which famously honors flyers who have been lost.

This view is nearby and struck me because the rows and rows of markers are so often in straight, military lines. the curves of these seemed particularly beautiful.

I  had hoped to find every stone honored with a flag. These are placed every year in honor of Memorial Day. However, even though I was there with in a day or two, they were completely gone. Except of this one, I don't know if it was missed in the pick-up or was placed after the pick-up by a loved one.

The surprise of the day (there always is one) was finding, standing among individual markers from WWI and WWII, these markers. They honor the crews of lost aircraft from the Vietnam War. In general they contain the remains of those who were lost but were unable to be individually identified. There are exceptions, we found at least one grave marked to one of the individuals listed in the group. This seems completely appropriate. If one can be identified then they should be entombed in their own site, but also honored on the larger marked with their lost comrades.

I think the war is often thought of being fought primarily by the Army and the Marines and it is good to remember that all the services participated and lost members. The two above markers are to Navy and Air  Force flyers. Just by chance both of these were lost in Laos, a place that for many years, we denied being.

So, that will do it for Memorial Day for this year, as promised last time, we will move on to Nebraska on the 4th of June, as usual at 9:00am. Join me then.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. A very peaceful place, indeed. Fitting that those who served in war are able to rest in peace.