Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Wall at the Holiday season

In the last post, I featured the efforts of Wreaths Across America, specifically at Arlington National Cemetery.

The same day I visited Arlington, I drove across the Potomac and stopped at The Wall. In the past, at this time of year, I have featured photos of The Wall boasting a Christmas tree. It always bothered me that I did not take the actual picture, so this year I decided to rectify the situation.

It was a beautiful day, unseasonably warm, and seemed just perfect to see if a tree was up this year, too.
Well, it was and I was surprised to find that Wreaths Across America had been here too. There was a wreath at every panel of The Wall.

As I approached the site, I was struck by the way the sun was illuminating the backs of The Three Servicemen. They have never looked so present and alive as they did today. It is said the they are walking out of the jungle and looking to see if their names are on The Wall. Today, it seemed to me, they were looking at the Christmas tree at the apex of The Wall. If you look closely, between the two men, you can see it, too.

The tree is covered with the usual seasonal stuff, but it also has pictures of many of the lost. It is quite moving.

A rare view of The Wall with no people in the picture. I waited quite some time to be able to get this shot. without serious time-lapse efforts a pic of the whole Wall would likely be impossible. This is not a bad thing. I have been to The Wall at all hours including the middle of the night and have never been alone.

Next time, we will resume our regular travels around the nation. Join me at 9:00am on the 1st of the new year.

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  1. Wow. The three soldiers really do look alive in that photo!