Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oklahoma III

The town is named for the Ponca Indians who inhabited the area and the memorial is found in Pioneer Park at Highland and 5th. I have read that this park is also called War Memorial Park.

It is shaped like the bracelets that so many wore for so long and remembers all of those still lost to us physically, but, never from our memories. It measures 24 feet and is sculpted from rose Granite from South Dakota.

VVA 750 spearheaded the project to completion

This memorial , like so many others I have seen was built,in part, because of a visit from The Traveling Wall. More than 20,000 came to pay tribute and many, as so often happens, wanted to build a permanent homage to the sacrifice of their friends, neighbors, sons and daughters. The memorial and its pathways were designed so as not to harm any of the parks trees, but to allow for the 1500 remembrance bricks that lead to the curved wall. These bricks have been purchased by friends, family and organizations wishing to honor a loved one or vets in general.

Once a year, flags collected by local Boy Scouts are brought to the site and burned nearby in accordance with established flag etiquette.

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