Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oklahoma II

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma has a Veteran's Park that recognizes and honors her sons and daughters service and sacrifice. Amid the ball fields and recreational facilities lie a number of memorials including one to women who have served.

Interestingly, the Vietnam memorial that honors seven of her lost sons lies across the street from this park. I could find no explanation for this anywhere but, as always, if I should, I will update here.

I have been astounded as I have traveled the country to honor and photograph these sites that I have never been unable to take a picture due to the weather! I have, as I have mentioned before, been in 117 degree heat (in the deserts of California), up to my knees in snow ( Carson city, Nevada) and have had to wait out the rain (Springfield, Illinois to name just one). This one, in Broken Arrow, was as close as I have come to having to "bail out" (pun intended!) It was just raining to beat all and I feared the pics would not be useable, but with a little work they seem OK. It was windy enough for some of the soaked flags to move a little. I always like it when I can include some shots of flags in full view. Not so fortunate this time!

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