Saturday, September 29, 2012

South Dakota VI

After leaving McLaughlin, I moved on into North Dakota to find sites there, but when I was finished in the north (see previous posts from North Dakota) I realized I had enough time to head to southwestern South Dakota. I visited the usual tourist stops like Mt. Rushmore and The Crazy Horse Memorial, but I, also, discovered that in Sturgis, the home of the annual bike rally, there was a small memorial at the Veteran's Club. It was an interesting time to visit the area. the bike rally which draws thousands and thousands of riders every year was about to begin. Just days away, the streets of the town had exploded with bike oriented posters, signs and shops. It was great fun to be in a place where so many looked a lot like me! Now, I can say, with complete honesty, that my bike and I went to Sturgis! Just not together! The guy I bought my Springer from rode it there the year before I got it from him. Oh well. maybe someday.

The memorial sits just outside the Veteran's Club. There was no one there the day I visited so I couldn't speak to anyone. Upon return home, I called and spoke to a couple of folks at the club who were very nice, but could offer no insight. They each referred me to another guy with whom I have left a message. So far, he has not returned my call, but when he does, if he has good info, I will update here. I was able to determine that there are three from Sturgis who made the ultimate sacrifice in "Nam and that, too, is something I hope to verify when I talk to this fellow from the town.

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