Wednesday, September 19, 2012

South Dakota IV

East of Aberdeen is Milbank. Here they have cluster of memorials to several wars. The one from 'Nam is particularly moving because it is dedicated to one man. Each is inscribed with pictures representing some aspect of the particular war. Actual artifacts owned by local veterans were used as models for these engravings.

I don't usually mention names here, but I figure if Milbank will build a memorial to one man, the least I can do is honor him, also.
Ronald Clifford Dexter
Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
Milbank, South Dakota
May 21, 1947 to September 19, 1966
RONALD C DEXTER is on the Wall at Panel 10E, Line 117

To read more about this young man who was only in-country about a month, go here;

Notice the engraving on this one, it is called a Field Cross and has been used since the Civil War as a means to call for help or mark where a solder has died. The WWII stele at this site has a similar engraving on its face, also. Only the helmets are different, depicting the individual wars. I have noticed on my travels more and more of these are marked with the more current helmet style. So, after a while you can tell what war is being noted from quite a distance.

The stone is red granite from South Dakota and the whole memorial sits in front of the Grant County Court House at the end of Main street.

The city of Milbank has a population of 3,353 and all of Grant County has 7,356. Incredible what people can and will do when determined. Thank you to all.

The next stop, on the 24th is McLaughlin, as usual at 9.00am, join me there!

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