Thursday, June 21, 2012

Louisiana III

Located between New Orleans and Baton Rouge is the town of Gonzales. I did not know what to expect and was mightily surprised when I got there.

This town with a population of fewer than 10,000 has shown the rest of us how it should be done!

The veterans park here, honors all, from all involvements and does so with a grace, dignity, and beauty not always seen.

Each of our country's military ventures in honored by a pavilion or tower that attempts to tell the story. The Vietnam tower goes to great effort to give the history and rational for our sending our young men and women to previously unfamiliar part of the world. While my own understanding and experiences would cause me to take issue with some of what they have written here, I was pleased to see someone correctly name President Eisenhower as the first to send troops to 'Nam. Far too often, it seems to me, people like to play with facts for, what I can only guess, is some political agenda. I have seen sites that claim President Kennedy was the first, but since the first soldier killed died in 1956 this obviously cannot be the case.

The site, also, has a number of photos from the era. I did not take these, but have reproduced them here.

There are eight names from the area listed as KIA and POWs are honored with a separate stone and flag a few steps away from this memorial. Bricks along the sidewalk honor others who have served.

As I have said before, I am often astounded at what some towns do for their vets.

Thank you, Gonzales, for this magnificent park. You can find it at 612 S. Irma Blvd.

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