Saturday, June 16, 2012

Louisiana II

Only a few blocks from the Superdome, at the intersection of Basin and Iberville Streets, is this memorial built by the Vietnamese ex-patriot veterans to thank locals for their help and support to Vietnam. Only a block or so off the main drag, Canal Street, I wonder how many times I have passed it without noticing.

As usual, I have spent much time trying to find additional information about this site. As usual, I have have not had much luck. I invite anyone who knows more about this to contact me. there is an email on the left side of this site. I would love to hear from you. A couple of posts back was an update from some good folks in Oregon who sent me additional info on a site I had visited there. So, I will use it if you get it to me.

For now, I will just let the pics speak for themselves.

The last picture is a dedication in English and Vietnamese. It is very hard to read today as it is quite worn. Even though I took these pics to show it in its best light, the memorial is falling into disrepair and its age is beginning to show. I had to carefully align the shots so as not to show all the garbage and evidence that someone is actually living inside the wall that surrounds it. I hope it is not a vet. That would be the final irony.


  1. My father built this in the late 80s. He has since moved to Houston and built another one in Houston on Bellaire Blvd. If you want more info you can contact me at

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