Sunday, May 6, 2012


The Kansas State Vietnam Memorial is located in Junction City. In Heritage Park, at the corner of 6th and Washington Streets, you will find this and several other memorials. The park is really quite beautiful and is made even more elegant by the inclusion of this, and the other, memorials.

Honored here are the 761 KIA's and 38 MIA's (as of 1987) lost from Kansas.

I asked around about why it was located in Junction City and no one was quite sure, but the prevailing opinion was that Fort Riley is near by. This makes a lot of sense as so many would have passed through the fort which is , also, the home of the famous Big Red One!

The memorial, which is reminiscent of The Wall in DC, was built entirely from donations from the community and was dedicated on July 4th, 1987.

In addition to this memorial there are remembrances for The Civil War, WWII and Desert Storm and there is a marker for The Big Red One and POW's.

From here we will go on to Wichita where I found a memorial with a very important message. See you on the 11th at (;00am.

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