Monday, May 21, 2012

Kansas IV

Begun as a tribute to a fallen classmate, this site evolved into a memorial for all who had fought in Vietnam from Kansas. Inspired by a trip to The Wall in DC, the local high school class of '63 wanted to remember their classmates and eventually decided to honor all from the state.

This Wall lists 777 lost or MIA while the state memorial in Junction City lists 791. One of the interesting things about this project is the frequent discoveries of conflicting information. As I have written before, the span of the war is viewed differently by different groups and obviously as new information is gathered, sites are updated. Or perhaps not. I have a call into the city of Winfield where this memorial is located to try to determine if this site has or will be updated. If I get any new info I will be sure to post it. Regardless, it is a beautiful site that sits in a park just adjacent to City Hall. The exact address in 401 East Ninth Street, Winfield, Kansas. I think it is very beautiful and if you should find yourself in the area, take a minute to stop by and reflect, once again on all that was given.

UPDATE: Talked to a nice woman from City Hall and she confirmed that 777 is the number of names on this memorial and that there are no plans to update it.

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