Friday, January 27, 2012


"Deep in the heart o' Texas..." well, Dallas, anyway. The Texas Vietnam Memorial is located at Fair Park in Dallas. This beautiful series of walls, waterfalls and running water pays honor to the more than 500,000 Texans who risked all, during the Vietnam Era, when asked by their country and it commemorates the 3416 who actually paid that price. 107 of these are still considered MIA as of the most recent data I could find.

The site consists of 5 stone walls. Four are arranged parallel to each other. The inner 2 have names on both sides while the outer 2 have names only on the side facing inward. Offset to the northwest of these is the final piece, which is a 'Missing in Action' memorial. This memorial is covered with names from many eras including the a fore mentioned from Vietnam.

During the state fair many people put small American Flag stickers next to the names of loved ones or just to honor a fallen soldier. These attracted my attention but even more so the numbers of names that had not been so marked, honored, remembered.

The last pic shows part of a large area of dedicated bricks that did not seem to be connected to the memorial, but there was no information of any kind so it is hard to be sure.

One source I read said that the memorial was built by the DAR, but I was unable verify that anywhere else. The site saying this was also unable to reach anyone at DAR who could confirm this as true or not. Go figure!

Dedicated on November 11, 1989 by George H.W. Bush the memorial may be found at Fair Park, near First and Parry Avenues. Visit if you can. This park is a beautiful place made honorable and sacred by the inclusion of this great memorial to our brothers and sisters from the great state of Texas.

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