Sunday, January 8, 2012

North Dakota II

As I was leaving the North Dakota Capitol site, I noticed yellow ribbons affixing something to the trees that line the entrance to the Capitol grounds. Upon further inspection I found that the ribbon was securing pictures and information about MIA's from North Dakota. This, too, was something I have never seen before. The picture I walked up to stated that the soldier was the first MIA in 'Nam. I wasn't sure if this meant for the city, county, state or what. I made some calls and found out that this soldier was the first MIA from North Dakota. His plane was shot down and he has never been recovered. Interestingly, I found a site that claimed that he was recovered, but my conversation with the Fargo AmVets, named in his honor, confirmed that he was truly lost. There were quite a lot of trees lining both sides of the long oval drive in and out of the capitol grounds, Each tree had ribbons and photos of those still missing.

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