Saturday, April 30, 2011

Alaska V

North of Anchorage, about halfway to Denali and Mt McKinley is the Alaska War Memorial. Built in1983, it honors all of Alaska's Vets. The memorial consists of 5 large walls, one for each of the services. A Merchant Marine stone was added at a later time. There are no names or specific wars highlighted. This seems to be in keeping with what I was told about the states effort not to single out any service or war. I saw it first in 1989 when I visited. Since then a number of plaques have been added around it. These include several Medal of Honor awardees from Vietnam.

It was raining when I visited this time, as it did nearly every day, so I could not see Mt. McKinley which is only a short distance (by Alaskan standards) away.

The guy at the top just seemed so fitting for this post that I couldn't resist giving him top billing! I got him out near the Portage Glacier.

These were the only sites I was able to find, or get to, on this trip. As usual, if any of you know of any 'Nam sites, I would dearly love to hear about them. As always, you can reach me either by "comment" or by using the email listed on the left side of the page.

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