Monday, April 25, 2011

Alaska IV

In a past post, I whined a bit about how Alaska does not have a specific Vietnam memorial. They have done something that is unique, I believe!

While, again, it is not specific to Vietnam, the state did name a previously unnamed mountain as Mt. POW-MIA.

From the Wall of Honor, at the Matsu Visitor's Center, you can look directly at it. As I said in the last post the series of walls seem to form an arrow head pointing right at it. Hazel told me that, as far as she knew, this had not been planned, but agreed that it seemed to be so!

My brother and I seriously discussed renting a chopper (or something) and flying over to get better pics, but as you can see from the photos, the weather would just not co-operate. It was cloudy and wet the whole time we were there.

A Vietnam vet, a marine, climbed the mountain and planted the POW/MIA flag at the summit.

The plaque in the first picture is at the Matsu visitors Center near the memorial.

You can find more about this story and pics of him planting the flag, here;

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