Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wisconsin VII

Here are a few more pics from this marvelous site. In addition to these the site honors Korean War, WWII, the Iraqi and Afghanistan vets and others. There is also a replica of the Liberty Bell which is often rung for those remembered or as part of ceremonies.

The pics are of the sunset on the native American Memorial I wrote about earlier.

The sculpture is seven Peace Doves (recalling those released at the funeral of a fallen hero) rising from the Meditation Garden and is one of several "rooms" that one may visit and reflect. These include a "Family room, a place for prayer, a fountain of tears and a picnic shelter."

The final pic from The Highground is of the Wisconsin map created by the donations from every county in the state.

There is, also, a new education center that has a variety of programs that rotate through. Currently, there is an exhibit of photos taken by Robert Ellison a civilian photog killed in"Nam when the plane he was riding on with a group of 49 Marines crashed after receiving ground fire; all were lost.

I hope that you all will someday have the opportunity to visit this exceptional place of peace, love and remembrance. I promise you will not regret it.

Once again, here is their contact info.

The Highground
W7031 Ridge road
Neillsville, WI 54456

Or their website

There are many ways in which any individual can help support this most noble and worthy place.

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