Monday, February 14, 2011

Wisconsin III

Another feature at the Highground is the first veteran's memorial specifically honoring the women who served.

The statue, near the flags poles, was the model for a submission for the memorial on the Mall, in Washington, D. C. If it had been chosen, it would have been life sized and on the Mall. Now, she has a place of honor at the Highground.

There are other women here, too.

There is a WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) The statue is by Dorothy Swain Lewis, who was a WASP. I noted in a previous post that it was many years after their noble service that these brave women were finally recognized by the Government (1977). It was just last March (2010) that they were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. A long way from having to pass the hat to collect the money to send home their 38 sisters, who perished in service!

Another woman is here, too. She sits, with her child, mourning the loss of her husband, her child's father. While the particular site is not a Vietnam Tribute, the loss and message are larger than any one conflict.

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