Saturday, December 18, 2010

Iowa VII

My friend at the Iowa Veteran's Cemetery directed me to Parkersburg, Iowa. A brand new veteran's memorial was dedicated just this past Memorial Day. While it is not specifically a Vietnam site, the names of those who served in "Nam take up several panels on the stone fixtures. The site attempts to list all veterans who ever served from the area. They are not listed in chronological order to allow for late additions. You will note that several names of Vietnam vets were added to the back of one of the markers.

The site includes a chopper that looks very 'Nam like to me. It had to be moved slightly from its original site and is tilted due to a tornado that came through.

It is located on the corner of Miners and Colfax Streets adjacent to the Parkersburg Veteran's memorial building and the Oak Hill Cemetery.

The next post is Council Bluffs, a name that just rings with history!

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