Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pennsylvania VII

This is a beautiful site located in the courtyard of the Pittsburgh Family Court building (the old Allegheny County Jail) located on Ross Street. When we first arrived, on Sunday, we were surprised to find that the area was locked even though it is accessible from the street. A guard told us that it is only open during normal business hours, so we returned on Monday. It was well worth the trip. As you can see the site is a little bit unusual, but even more so is the fact that there is so much information available about it! Every detail of the site has been thought through and made available. You have heard me whine, before, about how difficult it is, all too frequently, to get any information at all about sites. So, to find so much, here, is a pleasure.

The following is taken directly from the website; (http://www.donnan.com/pghmem2.htm)

Black Granite symbolizes the stone to memorialize the fallen American Soldiers of the Vietnam War. The 4 and 00 (double zero's equals infinity) and the 1 (implies one) 2 (too many) with the crying rose represents 412 soldiers. The double zero's represents infinity and the continuation of the fallen and in war there is always one more, and one more. The black iron represents the city of Pittsburgh that was founded and built by the Mothers and Fathers of iron and steel. The triangle represents the three rivers. The three small triangles represent the folded flag and the three-corner hat of our founding fathers who fought and died for the principles of freedom. The twelve bolts that secure the black granite represents the twelve months of the year, which our soldiers served in Vietnam.

The five bolts on each side of the triangles represents the sum of the ten year war in Vietnam as well as the number ten found in the Bible.
The thirteen-foot black granite tablets represents the thirteen original colonies as well as the height of the triangle. The symbol on the back that secures the black granite is in the shape of the peace sign, which was often drawn on the Vietnam soldier's helmet. The black and gold flagpoles represent the beloved colors of Pittsburgh. The height of the crying rose to the tablets with the names was strategically placed so that all those that read the names must bow their head and in sad memory their heads will turn to and fro to sorrow. The black granite memorial was born from a long war, the death of LCPL William Joseph Wagner, Jr. and from a poem titled, The Wall. The Black Granite Vietnam War Memorial was carefully thought out and constructed by many volunteers with the memory. Not so long ago... Vietnam

I think this says it all for this site.

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  1. This is beautiful. I love the fact that SO much thought went into it, and that there is so much information! Good job, Pittsburgh!