Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This site, in Clinton, Ohio, is quite serene and beautiful. It includes a number of different components that demonstrate the feelings and dedication of Ohio's residents for the 3095 of their fellow citizens lost to the war.

The memorial wall itself is the largest freestanding memorial in the country. It is 125 feet long and 72 inches high and unlike the Wall in D.C., after which it is fashioned, it has no earthen or other means of support.

Surrounding the black granite wall are benches provided by a large number of Ohio's towns, businesses, and community groups. These are in addition to the markers that nearly surround the site. these are from groups like Vietnam Veterans of America and Patriot Guard. I thought the last picture "Freedom is not free" was particularly moving when one sees the reflection of all the names in the dark, polished, stone.

The second picture is the initial view of the wall and the Gold Star Mother holding the folded flag. The flag, by the way, is fabric not stone and the site caretakers checks regularly to ensure that it is in good condition or need of replacement.

The next picture is the reverse side of the wall which tells in pictures and text the history of U.S. involvement in warfare.

I think the other pictures are self explanatory.

The park is located at;

8005 Cleveland-Massillion Road
Clinton, Ohio 44216

You can find more information, buy a brick or a bench, or simply make a much needed donation to the upkeep and maintenance of this exceptional site here;


While at the online site, be sure to take a minute to watch the brief film about the park. It contains many more details about the history of and future plans for the completion of the memorial.

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