Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Maryland Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located just off Rte. 95, in Middle Branch Park, at the foot of The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge (formerly the Hanover Street Bridge). There is no sign for the memorial on 95, so you must be watchful.

Dedicated on May 28, 1989, the memorial is a ring of stone with a granite wall. All 1014 Maryland citizens who gave their lives in Vietnam are etched upon it. In addition, the 35 still missing are also inscribed on the stone. The names are listed in alphabetical order, by the month in which they died. The site features two 45-foot flagpoles; one bears the American flag while the other carries the Maryland flag and just below it the POW/MIA flag. Immediately outside the ring of stone are 16 light "spires" representing the years from 1959 to 1975. These years are generally (but not always, as mentioned in an earlier post) recognized as the span of the war.

The memorial became a reality due to the efforts of many Marylanders. A group of vets identifying themselves as "The last Patrol" conducted walks throughout the state. One walk began in our western most county (Garrett) and ended-365 miles later- in Ocean City, at the Atlantic Ocean. Another began at the southern most tip of the state, in St. Mary's County, and ended in the capital, Annapolis. These walks generated much interest, garnered additional support and helped ensure the completion of this project.

The memorial is dedicated to all those who served their country, their state and their fellow citizens with honor.

The exact address of the Maryland Vietnam Veterans Memorial is; Middle Branch Park, 2825 South Hanover Street, Baltimore, MD 21225.

Update: The official  number of names on the Maryland Vietnam memorial now stands at 1046.

Map this memorial.

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