Monday, November 2, 2009

Montana 2

Many years ago I read an article in a local paper that reported on a New memorial in Montana. It had a picture of this great statue. The article went on to say that it was located in Bozeman, MT. On the way home from a trip to Alaska I went to Bozeman only to discover that the monument was actually in Missoula. I have shared pictures of it with you in a previous post. Anyway, on this trip, as I drove past Bozeman, I saw a Veterans Memorial sign. I pulled off the road and was delighted to find that Bozeman now has its own memorial.

Located in a cemetery just off the highway is a replica of the "Wall" in D.C. They have added a map of Vietnam and a pair of sculpted jungle boots to the site. It is quite stirring. It seemed to me that I had come full circle, from not finding one 20 years ago, to this great site. You'll note the snow. It was the first week in October, gray, windy and very cold. Icicles 6 feet long clung to nearby buildings. Somehow, appropriate for the site.

The last picture in this post is from the top and behind the memorial, as if you are standing on top of it. All of the markers here are of Veterans. I thought this a particularly beautiful spot.


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