Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Arizona XVIII

My last post from Arizona was about my visit to the Tohono O' Odham reservation in Sells. As I noted then the memorial is mostly still under construction but someone suggested I check out the local Office of Veterans Affairs, not far away.

There I met a really nice young woman who showed me the artist renditions of what the memorial would look like when completed.

 She also showed me these miniature mock-ups of the site.

The medallions all have a V marked in the center and what appear to be dates written on them. I called the office today and the lady I spoke with did not know the origin of these markings. She, also, told me that they had run into a number of difficulties and the memorial was still not completed. I hope they are able to work out the problems and get it completed.

We got to talking about all the Office did for vets on the reservation and she commented that they supply the headstones for deceased members of the tribe.

She showed me this one, that had recently arrived and was waiting to be placed.

Rest in peace, brother

I hope I will get back at some time and be able to photograph the final memorial and perhaps discover the meaning of the medallions.

Next time, on the 12th, we will revisit California, so join me then, as usual, at 9:00am.

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