Thursday, May 24, 2018

Maryland, Montgomery County Vietnam Memorial II

As promised last time, here are some pics from the actual Montgomery County, Maryland Vietnam Veterans Memorial dedication.

For whom the bell tolls

The event began with the a motorcycle rally tribute. I was among the group of bikes so do not have photos of it. We were escorted by a large number of Montgomery County Motorcycle patrolmen and we were able to make a glorious noise upon arrival, engines, lights, and sirens blaring honoring our heroes. A heartfelt thank you to the MCPD for providing the escort, lights and sirens!

A lone sentry maintained this salute for the entire dedication ceremony.,Capt, USN

A number of speakers paid tribute to the fallen, missing, and their numerous friends, families, and comrades in attendance, over 90 in all out of crowd estimated to be in the hundreds. Mike Subin, USN (Ret.) 1970 - 1975 welcomed all and Wayne Miller, USMC Vietnam 69-69 sang The National Anthem. After an invocation by Wayne Stinchcomb, Chaplin, Dan Bullis USA Vietnam 1970 -71, Hung (Tony) Manh Bui, AVRN 1968 - 1975, Arthur Holms, Vietnam 1971, Everett Alvarez, POW 1964 - 73 made remarks.

 A large group of Vietnamese American Senior Association members were in attendance.

The memorial was dedicated by Isiah Leggett, Montgomery County Executive as our Wall was unveiled by Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps from Gaithersburg High School.

After the unveiling wreaths were laid by Vietnam Veterans of America, Vietnamese American Senior Association, and Honor and Remember.

Vietnam Veterans of America
Vietnamese American Senior Association

Honor and Remember
Honor and Remember, also, provided these flags to each family. Each flag has the name, rank and date of loss of the lost loved one embroidered upon it.

Each of the 130 lost or missing's names were read aloud by Jane McCarty, Vietnam 1970 - 71, Bill Gray, Vietnam, 1968 - 69, and Wayne Miller, Vietnam 1968- 69 in addition to Senator Chris Van Hollen, who was referred to by Mike Subin, as "Angel of Veterans" for all the work and support he has put into veterans issues.

Jane McCarthy

After the reading of each name, a bell tolled.

After all the names were read, TAPS was sounded.

A final Benediction was prayed by Rabbi Mathew Simon, a Vietnam Era Chaplin.

Just after the dedication each family was given a flower to place at our wall.

Immediately adjacent to our Wall, we placed a plaque honoring all the men and women who served during the Vietnam Era, anyone of whom would have served is asked to do so and recognizing the fact that a war effort takes many, many more than the relatively few who actually end up doing the fighting. There is an old saying, something like, "They also serve, who but ... wait." and we honor then all.

The ceremonies ended with a reception that was catered by Mission Barbecue and we heartily thank them for their enthusiastic participation and support. In addition huge thanks go out to District Harley Davidson who sponsored the motorcycle rally to out wall.

There is an expression you have all heard: "It take a village...", it is no less true here. The number of people involved in this effort is staggering and without them, their hard work and selfless dedication, none of this would ever have happened. For fear of inadvertently omitting someone, I will just say thank you to you all, you know who you are.

This is the first picture ever taken of our Wall, I was there and helped Tim and Mark clean up the area when they completed their excellent work and took this very first shot.

Next time, we will return to the usual schedule of posts, picking up once again with Alabama. So, join me on the 29th for the afore promised trip back there, as always, at 9:00am.

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