Thursday, June 4, 2015

Nebraska VIII

Falls City is in Richardson County which lies in the very southeast corner of Nebraska. It is bordered by Kansas to the south and Iowa to the east. It is famous for being a stop on the underground railroad.

This memorial sits on the grounds of the Richardson County Court House. I could, as is too often the case, find nothing specific about the building of the memorial, its history or story.

The site sits on a small rise at the rear of the Court House and could be easily missed if not taking care. Note the paraphrase of the Biblical verse on the bench.

Like so many places, this one combines many memorials in to one. Note the "Field Cross" to the left. the gear on this one denoted the middle east involvements.

The whole of Richardson County contains far fewer than 10,000 people and 5 of those are here, forever.

Here is an interesting tidbit. On a whim, I typed Robert C. Marrs into Google and could find nothing, so I went to The Virtual Wall site and found, there, that he is listed as Carl Robert Marrs. I asssume that the local folks got it right so it just goes to show that mistakes are still being made. I called the local Falls City Journal to see if I could get some info, but got no answer. If I learn anything new, I will certainly update here.

So, next time we will revisit Nevada, join me there on the 9th, as usual at 9:00am.

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