Tuesday, October 7, 2014

South Dakota XI

While in Sioux Falls, I noticed a sign on an old building. It invited one to come in and see the Vietnam Museum within. It would have been very easy to miss completely had I not been walking.

Inside was a whole display of artifacts, personal contributions, and historical information contributed by many. Called, Vietnam in our words it makes an effort to include various points of view. Soldiers, families, friends, and citizens are all represented, in some way.

An opening statement explains the approach taken to the exhibit.

Detail from above

Much efforts has been expended to try to tell the story of how and why we got involved in Vietnam. The rooms are full of panels of text, timelines, etc. trying to make sense of it all.

This one makes an effort to explain our initial incursions and I guess we will just have to believe that the people doing the writing did the best they could. Most of us will never know the truth. I have written, often, before about how these efforts often differ wildly in their retelling of the story.

In the past, long time readers will recall, I have complained about what in the kindest interpretation may be called inaccuracies or misinterpretations or in the worst, revisionist history, but in the end it is a fruitless argument as the truth is only known to those now, mostly, long gone. This is difficult for to those for whom truth makes a difference. To have been part of something and never fully understand the truth, leaves one the rest of their lives to wonder and doubt. I am not actually suggesting that these statements are untrue, only that they differ from others seen in different places in different times.

I will spend the next post or two sharing some of its features. So, join me back here on the 12th, at 9:00am, for more details and pictures of some of the exhibits components.

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