Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Jersey V

I have spent a lot of time driving around New Jersey. It is not that far from where I live and is where much of my family came from, so it is always good to go there.

The memorial I am posting today is one of several that sit along White Horse Pike (rte. 30.) The Vietnam memorial among the others says Borough of Berlin and I have been unable to determine the difference between the borough and the town of the same name. Perhaps a reader will be able to help!

Near Taunton Ave. on the White Horse Pike is this really beautiful little memorial area. It contains remembrances to WWI and II, Korea, and 'Nam.

Off to the right in the first picture stands this tribute to those who served in 'Nam. There are no names listed.

My reading has turned up one name from Berlin, NJ, but as I said, I cannot tell if this is actually the same place. I have two other small memorials from places in the state called Berlin, so I am actually a bit confused.

You can see from the inscription that this was dedicated in 1983 and I read today, that the VFW in the area is seeking names of those who served from the "Boro" to be added to a plaque at "The War Memorial" but calls to that VFW were not answered. If I learn more, I will certainly update you here.

From here, we will return to New Mexico, from which I have just returned. So, join me on the 2nd of September, as always at 9:00am.

To see other memorials from New Jersey, or any other state, click the state name on the left side of this page.


  1. That has been an illuminating virtual tour. May that be a reminder that we should look up to our brothers and sisters who had seen the flash of conflicts and had it sear into their minds in the name of our people and our freedom. It is a tough business, and it only can be handled by a few, which is why some bit of aid should be provided to them, when they should turn and ask for us to guide them through their crisis days. Thanks for sharing that!

    Brad Post @ Jan Dils, Attorneys At Law, L.C.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to make contact, I always appreciate it.

  2. Good Morning, I just came upon your site today. I live in this area and wanted to answer your question about the "Berlins". There are two towns in South Jersey named Berlin, which lie next to each other. Berlin Borough and Berlin Township. They are two separate and distinct places. The terms Borough and Township have to do with the type of government the respective town has. (There are five (5) different types of local governments in NJ).

    The town you visited is Berlin Borough.

    Best wishes for your project. It is very admirable. My husband is a combat disabled Marine Vet from Vietnam; I served in the Navy WAVES during the Vietnam era.


    1. Thank you so much for your response, it means so very much to me when people will take the time to make contact. I write this today as I am about to write about what I now know as Berlin Township. Thank yo so much, too, for your service. I hope you continue to visit the blog site.