Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Montana IV

About 25 miles from Butte is the town of Anaconda. Located at the top of Main Street is the Deer Lodge County Court House. In 1926 a memorial to WW1 was built here and in 1987 an additional plaque was added to honor those who served and/or were lost in Vietnam.

Anaconda was, like so many, a mining town but is, also, famous because Lucille Ball lived there as a child.

No names are listed upon the plaque and I was surprised to find that 6 from Anaconda were lost. In 2010, the town had fewer than 10,000 people, so six seems fairly significant to me.

I visited Anaconda in October and, while you cannot tell from the pictures, it was snowing and by the time I left it was actually coming down fairly hard. Odd for a guy from the mid-Atlantic area.

Next time, on the 17th, we go back to Nebraska. I just made a trip there and found new, to me, sites and one that is so new to Nebraska that it is not yet complete. Join me at 9:00am to check it out.

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