Friday, February 14, 2014

Pennsylvania XIII

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Grove lies directly behind the state capitol in Harrisburg. It is a park full of Red Oaks that serves as a link between the Capitol and Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Bridge. the tall pillars at the rear of the picture are part of the bridge.

There are plaques to our many conflicts at the base of ten of these trees, including one to those who are unknown. You see the one dedicated to Vietnam, here.

Ribbon like bands of markers divide the green honoring the many Medal of Honor awardees from Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania boasts 378 Medal awardees and is second only to New York State in this honor.

These bands are sometimes just names and dates and others tell the story of an awardees valor and heroism. One could spend much time reading and learning here.

I read recently that some of the Red Oaks are dying, three are actually now gone, but the state has committed to replace the trees and restore these sentrys to their rightful place.

On the 19th, join me as we return to Rhode Island. I'll see you at 9:00am, as always.

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