Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hawai'i V

Just a little above Honolulu stands historic Fort Shafter. The home of the US Army, Pacific Command, it was constructed in 1905 and is the home of the Palm Circle.

The fountain, that is part of the Vietnam memorial here, was actually built by four Italian POWs in the 1944. One of these guys signed it and put his home address on one corner!

When I arrived at Ft. Shafter, the guard at the gate had no idea where a Vietnam memorial might be. Fortunately, I had some additional information and he was able to direct me to it. After taking these pics, I drove around the Fort really just finding my way out when I ended up at what I now know to be the Palm Circle.

There were some unusual (to me) birds walking around on the parade grounds. I parked the car and got out to try to take photos of them. I swear I was not out of the car a minute when all of a sudden two people were standing next to me. One was in civilian clothes and the other in fatigues (and armed) they were polite, yet firm! I was to stop taking pictures and explain myself! I told them who I was, showed ID and explained my journey. They accepted that but then, why was I taking pictures here in the is area? I explained that I had been interested in photographing the birds in the circle when they asked for my camera. I turned it over to them and they checked out my pics. When they saw that I was telling them the truth, they gave it back. I asked what the big deal was and they explained that Palm Circle, with its historic homes, was where all the "brass" live and that pics were not allowed. It all ended well, but I was nervous for a minute. I can't for the life of me figure out where they came from or how they appeared so quickly! On the other hand, I guess, if you have to go to the "brig", Hawai'i might not be the worst place to do it!

Next time, I will end our visit to Hawai'i with a few new pics from the dedication of what may still be the nation's newest Vietnam memorial, at the Punchbowl. So, check it out at 9:00am on the 23rd.

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  1. That's right - just wander around an armed military base taking pictures of everything! LOL!