Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oklahoma VI

On the lawn of the Kay County, Oklahoma Court House is this multiwar memorial. The Field Cross in the center is designated Vietnam. The Field Cross, as I may have stated preciously, has a long and storied history. The first known are from the Civil War era and were used to designate the spot where a soldier fell. Still honoring the fallen today, it has changed only slightly. To me, the most obvious change is the helmet. It changes with the conflict. I remember being surprised the first time I saw one with the more modern head gear resting on the rifle. I had associated it for so long with 'Nam that I was caught unaware and slightly abashed to have not foreseen the changes. I guess the only thing that does not change is that we send our best to serve; and die.

The memorial here covers a number of wars and the last pic lists those from Vietnam.

This is the final post from Oklahoma, at least for now. Check back again on April 2nd as we visit the great state of  West Virginia and its memorial to our fallen brothers and sisters.

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