Friday, March 8, 2013

Chicago, Illinois Update

I got a nice letter from the guy who built the Fallen Soldiers Tribute in Chicago. You may recall from the earlier post that it is located directly across the street from the privately owned and built Vietnam Survivors Memorial. He told me that he became involved with the survivors memorial when he noticed that the flags were in need of replacement. He contacted the guy who built it,a former Seal, got to meet him and they cooperated from that point on. His name is Hank and he told me that he is a proud Marine, combat wounded, vet and that he belongs to quite a number of veterans organization. He says that on several occasions people have stopped to talk with him and that he has been able to assist some in finding veteran services. As I wrote earlier, he was not home on the day I stopped by. I regret that as it would be a great honor to meet him!

So, Hank, here is a salute to you, your service and the help and support you give others!

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