Thursday, August 30, 2012

Washington III

I was surprised as I reviewed my photos from Washington and Oregon to find that most were from Oregon. This is actually the last of my pics from Washington state until I have a chance to return. This surprise turns out to be a good thing as Washington is so beautiful that I am grateful to have a reason to return.

In the meantime, this is not an actual memorial, as such, but a Veteran's Memorial Museum located in Chehalis, Washington. We spent most of an afternoon with a number of the guys who started and man the site. While it covers all vets and wars they have a really nice selection of things from 'Nam. As you can see from the pics the items are varied. Most will need no explanation. I was surprised to see an album of Bob Hope material. I was lucky enough to see him while I was there. It is interesting that what I remember is, not so much Hope but his guest star; Raquel Welch!! In addition, there are displays on POW's and other unit citations and awards. It was here that I learned about the National POW Memorial in Riverside, Ca. that I have written about elsewhere on this site and just visited again recently.

Opened in 1995, the museum boasts a 9000 sq ft main building with more than 85 large displays. It has plenty of parking space and includes a small Museum Store. The guys we met here were so interesting and made us so welcome, we returned for a second visit on our way back to Sea-Tac from Oregon. There is a small charge to enter but a docent will accompany you and answer questions and give a personal tour.

It is located at 100 SW Veterans Way, exit 77 halfway between Seattle and Portland. You can find out more at;  This place honors all vets and is well worth a stop if yo have the opportunity.

Next we will visit South Dakota whose Vietnam memorial has details I have never before encountered, but are spot on! Join me on Sept. 4th at 9:00am at this remarkable site.

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