Friday, August 10, 2012

Rhode Island VI

Just up the hill from the last site by the river, stands this memorial that has grown substantially over the years. Originally a WWI memorial in built in 1937, it was expanded and rededicated in 2002 and now includes numerous additional vets from WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

An interesting feature is that Vietnam is actually memorialized in two different places at this site. The second picture shows the large "wall" on which many 'Nam vets are honored, but just a few feet away is a different listing. I have contacted a number of people in the area including the Library, Newspaper and others and no one has yet been able to tell me why this is so. As always, if I am able to solve this mystery I will post what I learn.

Next time, we will visit a memorial in a different city, in a different state, about 50 feet away from the one we saw previously at the bridge. Join me on the 15th at 9:00am.

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