Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oregon V

I arrived in Independence, Oregon very early in the morning. The air was cold as the sun was rising. Many of the trees in the nearby orchards were covered with a semi frozen dew. It was very beautiful.

I stopped and visited and photographed the local Vietnam memorial before anything in the town was open. I was unable, therefore, to get any information that might add to this story.

Internet searches have turned up nothing, but just today, I have spoken with a very nice person at City Hall who is going to do her best to get me any information she can. She was able to tell me that the current location, on the corner of 5th and Main Streets is a newer one. The memorial, previously, had been in the grassy area of the small park behind it. When the new amphitheater was built and the park renovated the memorial was moved to it new, more prominent, I think, home on the corner. I hope she is able to find some additional interesting information. If, or when, she does, I will update this posting, but in the interest of keeping to my "every 5th day at 9:00am" schedule, I will have this much ready to go!

This is the last post from Oregon. Next will be a reminder about VA job fairs. That one will appear on the 1st of May, as always, at 9:00am.

Update, I waited almost two weeks to hear from anyone in Independence with info regarding the site, but none was forthcoming. If this changes, I will post the info.

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  1. The early morning light in these pictures is very beautiful!