Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Texas VII

In the same Fort Worth Park as the last memorial, not far along the same path is this small, yet dignified memorial to those from the area who were POW's or MIA's. The site was dedicated in 1972 and some parts show its age. It was rededicated in 2000. The older plaque (last photo) is a little hard to read due to aging and the way the light hit it on the day I was there, It says;

Dedicated to prisoners of war and
those missing in action
in Southeast Asia
and their families.

Fort Worth Cares

November 18th, 1972

The smaller plaque on the brick says rededicated in 2000.

It sits off to the side a little creating a quite place to sit on the bench and reflect in this lovely park.

I have several more sites in Texas that I will return to at a later date. These include small and large memorials in Ranger, San Antonio and the ever enlarging National Vietnam War Museum in Mineral Wells among others.

Next, join me in Atlanta and other Georgia sites on the 12th of March, as always at 9:00am

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