Sunday, January 22, 2012

North Dakota V

When I arrived in North Dakota, I was only aware of two memorial sites; Bismarck and New Rockford. This just did not seem right, so after some research and phone calls I located the one in Lidgerwood. It, also, just seemed to me that a town as big and well known as Fargo must have something. Well, after talking to a number of guys in VFW's etc, I finally realized that I was pretty much out of luck. Then one guy asked if I was aware of the Fargo Air Museum? He told me they had a version of "The Wall" there. So, I headed out.

I found the site with no problems, but was disappointed to discover that "The Wall" was only on display part time and now was not the time!

However, the museum is great place and I did find a number of 'Nam related exhibits within its walls. These included the photos here of the memorial to the four from Fargo who were lost, a full sized chopper, and a POW memorial and a small sculpture of people searching names on The Wall. I have seen this piece in a number of places and it never fails to move me.

I highly recommend this museum if you have a chance to visit Fargo. Most of their aircraft is flight ready and there are many interesting historic planes and exhibits.

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