Tuesday, January 17, 2012

North Dakota IV

In the southwest corner of North Dakota is the town of Lidgerwood. I found this really nice park there and saw that it was created by the local American Legion Post. I went to the Post but no one was there. I spent some time in a local eatery, talked with some nice folks and moved on to my next destination.

The first pics show some of the hardware in the Park. I always like it when a community decides to make a memorial kid friendly.

Each of the services has one of these small circular gardens dedicated to it. And, one often finds quotes, or scriptural verses in these sacred spots, but I think that none fits so well as the one found here.

Back home, I could not stop thinking about what small towns like Lidgerwood, so often, do for their citizens. I did some checking and found out a couple of interesting things.

Lidgerwood has well under 1000 people. The 2000 census, the latest I could find, said 738 folks live there. In light of today's economy, I wonder if that number has gone up or down?

The median income is well under $30,000 (again in 2000) and the American Legion published a 75th Anniversary book about the Post in 1994. Making it, now 93 years old!

These very few folks, without tons of money managed to build this great park. While it is not specifically a Vietnam memorial, the hardware here is from our era, so, to me, it counts! The park was also pretty well maintained, speaking to the dedication of those involved. It still just astounds me that this park is more than many towns, cities, and some states do for their vets!

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