Saturday, August 13, 2011

Colorado V

I could not find any official memorials in Denver. I did locate a POW memorial in the Capitol building which is the first shown here. It is located on the entrance floor in a corner. The last one was in Colorado Springs, so I decided to include them both at this time.

I think I have noted before that the POW flag was designed by the wife of a 'Nam POW, but has since become the icon for all POW/MIA's from any war. I read on a memorial in Alabama that there are 188,000 MIA's from all American involvements. I am not sure how these figures are determined or if they are even accurate, but whatever the number, it is huge. These, along with all of those killed, are in fact the costs of war, not the dollars, the machinery, not the national issues often stated as justification.

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