Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Colorado III

Between Denver and Pueblo lies Colorado Springs. As it is the home of the Airforce Academy and Fort Carson is near by, it is no surprise that vets are well remembered by the city.

Prospect Park, a huge public area in the city, is the home of 17 memorials to vets. Several of these are to 'Nam vets.

Today, I will focus on the main memorial dedicated to all veterans and the one to the 619 Coloradans who perished in Vietnam.

The first picture is of the main memorial in the park. It dominates the skyline from every direction as it sits on the highest point in the city.

The next two pictures are of the Vietnam memorial and the plaque noting the time capsule on site.

The last photo is of the date on the main memorial. 1968 makes it one of the very first. I have had a lot of people on my journeys, claim to be the first. I find that, often, they are mistaken. Perhaps that will be a project for the future; trying to determine where the very first memorial to Vietnam vets is actually located and when it was erected!

The post that follows this one will honor Forward Air Controllers and POW's.

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