Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tennessee III

I had the great honor of being invited by the Soddy-Daisy Chapter of Vietnam Veteran's of America (Chap. 942) to join some of them for breakfast while in the town. I had a great time visiting this great group of guys and learning about their chapter and their memorial. My thanks to them all!

The memorial sits in a Veteran's Park in the town that has a number of other memorials in it including a very poignant one to 911.

The Huey that is the centerpiece of the 'Nam site dominates the scene. One could easily believe that it is protecting all the others from intrusion or harm, just as it must have done for so many while in country. She served in '66 and '67, was damaged on several occasions but never brought down. Later, she served as a trainer and in National Guard Units until retirement.

The first image is of the coin the chapter had made. When I admired it, they kindly gave me one. I carry it all the time. Thanks, guys!

This site has so many interesting components that I think it may take more than one post to do it justice. More in the next post. Remember, I post every 5 days at 9:00 am and also, remember that if you click on a picture, it will enlarge for easier viewing.

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