Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kentucky VII

As mentioned in the last post, Franklin hosts two Vietnam memorials. This one is located in a park a few miles from the city square. I had read that there was a memorial in this town and did not feel as if the one on the square was it! I went into some stores and asked a few folks on the street, but no one was aware of a Vietnam memorial. I nearly gave up, but decided to check out the Police Department. No one there was sure, but one guy thought it might be in the park. He kindly drew me a map to the park area and to the local VFW. I went to the VFW but no one was there. I drove into the park just as the sun was setting and was doubtful about having time to locate and photograph the site.

Well, it got dark and I headed out of the park and just as I was leaving I noticed an American flag. I pulled over and at the base of the flag found this marker. There was no sign or anything marking it, so it was just luck that I stumbled upon it.

I found it very interesting that the plaque shown in the last photo had been included. Long time readers of this site know that on occasion those who design these memorials include something that addresses the controversy that surrounded the war. As I have said before, I think that these inclusions tell our story more completely. To see another example of this effort to tell the whole story, go to the list of states on the left of this page and "click" on Idaho.

Next, I will move on to Tennessee; Nashville, Springfield, Soddy-Daisy and Whitwell. Join me on June 19th.

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