Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wisconsin IV

I promised to talk about the key-chains seen in some of these pictures. You can see them on the rifle in Fragments and in the helmet the woman is holding in the last post.

These are made by a disabled 'Nam vet who lives in Oregon. He makes them for those who were in-country. These have always been free, but, as he says, they were not cheap. They were paid for with the lives, blood and suffering in the jungles of 'Nam

Dave has made thousands of these and reports say that they have made it to all 50 states and a number of spots around the world. Their purpose is to honor those who were lost and he hopes that all who carry them will hold their heads high and know that they are not alone.

Now, here is the catch. The only way you can get one is to have served in-country and to pick one up at The High Ground. One of the first things they ask is if you are a vet and were in-country. If so, they hand you a key-chain.

I carry mine every day with great pride.

So, get out to Neillsville and see this great site, more about which I will write soon.

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